New SeneGence Lip Gloss Collection

SeneGence offers the best lip glosses I’ve ever come across. Our LipSense Lip Gloss comes in 12 different shades normally, and now we have a special collection with 3 of our 12 standard shades plus 3 exclusive, limited edition shades. These are incredibly hydrating and such pretty tints of color, perfect for a low key makeup look or for giving your LipSense lip color a new look!


These glosses look just incredible on your lips without any other color! The three glosses on the left (Bougainvillea, Rose and Orchid) are part of our standard line. The glosses on the right (Golden Iris, Sweet Pea and Blue Orchid) are the limited edition glosses you can only get in this bundle!


I have one bundle available currently and I’m happy to order more if this is a must have for you! The glosses also come in a super cute little bag. 6 glosses and a zipper bag for $120!

You can e-mail me at or shop on my website to order the Bouquet of Glosses bundle. Also feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!

New LipSense Colors: T.E.A.M. Wicked LipSense & Glam Doll LipSense

SeneGence released two new LipSense colors this weekend: T.E.A.M. Wicked LipSense & Glam Doll LipSense.

T.E.A.M. Wicked LipSense is a deep blue, royal purple mix that is sure to wow everyone on Halloween.



Glam Doll LipSense is a brown/pink nude with a matte finish. If you haven’t found your perfect shade of neutral yet, this might be it!



Ready to order one of these fabulous colors? Come on over to my Facebook group or e-mail me at

Fall Perfect LipSense Colors

I got a huge order of stock in this week and I’m so excited about these lip colors for fall! They’re gorgeous colors, and perfect for the chilly weather.


It’s already starting to feel like fall in New England. Is it still warm and summery where you are, or are you ready for these fall colors?


Custom LipSense Color- Dark Pink & She’s Apples… Summer Sunset Dupe?

I love Summer Sunset LipSense but I was never able to get my hands on it when it was available.

Summer Sunset

I’ve been on the hunt for a mixture of current colors that will get me something close to Summer Sunset. I saw someone on Facebook mix Dark Pink and She’s Apples and I was so excited I had to try it immediately!

dark pink and she's apples

Whether or not this combo is exactly what Summer Sunset would look like on me, I adore this combo. ADORE IT! I want to wear it all day every day forever and ever.

Dark Pink is one of my go-to colors anyway, and I’m glad I finally found a use for my open bottle of She’s Apples, because orange is not my color at all.


Discontinued LipSense Color Sale

For those of you who don’t know, SeneGence discontinued almost 50 shades of LipSense this year. The demand was too high to keep almost 80 shades in stock at all times, so the company picked the top 36 colors to keep as our “main line” and we may see some of these discontinued colors come back… eventually.

But these discontinued colors are unicorns! People hunt for them, dream of them, fight for them.

So some of the girls on my team decided to get together and have one big party with all the discontinued colors we have available in our stocks. Together, we have 43 shades of discontinued LipSense that will be available to shop starting today at 9am Eastern in a Facebook Group.

Colors will be the normal $25 price. Shipping will be $5 per consultant unless you want insurance, then it’s $8. Products are sold on a first come, first serve basis. We’ll be doing a product drop today at 9am EST, tonight at 8pm EST, tomorrow at 11am EST and 4pm EST and Saturday at Noon EST.

So come join us for some fun and unicorns! 

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the colors that will drop today at 9am

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