All the Reds- Perfect Lip Colors for the Holidays

As we gear up for Holiday season, SeneGence is releasing new product left and right! Some of the most recent releases haveĀ  been Limited Edition LipSense shades, mostly reds! And man, oh man are these perfect for the holidays.

There is a red here that will look great on every single skin tone! Whether you’re looking for a true, deep red like Fly Girl, a bright, fire engine red like Blu-Red, something a little more orangy-red like Brick and Currant, an almost true red with a hint of pink like Candy-Cane or that berry red like Crimson, we have the perfect, smudge proof, long lasting lip color for your holiday plans!


I’ve worn a few of these colors so far, and will wear the rest soon because I love trying new lip colors! Here are some shots of the ones I’ve tried so far.

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Summer Love Eye Shadow Look

I love playing with SeneGence’s ShadowSense. The water proof, smudge proof, crease proof, long lasting colors are perfect for all day wear without worry. I tried a three color combo today that has been dubbed by other SeneGence distributors as “Summer Love” and it might be my new favorite look. Normally I’m all about the neutral brown tones, but I’m seriously loving this pop of color!


I used Mulberry in my crease, Silver Violet on the outside third of my eye and Sandstone Pearl Shimmer on my lid and just under my brow.

This product blends so beautifully. It even works nicely with other eye shadow products (though why would you use other products, right?).


I’m happy to help you find your perfect eye shadow colors. ShadowSense is $22 per color and they last forever! Seriously, I’ve had my favorite color open for a year and there’s still plenty!

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New SeneGence Lip Gloss Collection

SeneGence offers the best lip glosses I’ve ever come across. Our LipSense Lip Gloss comes in 12 different shades normally, and now we have a special collection with 3 of our 12 standard shades plus 3 exclusive, limited edition shades. These are incredibly hydrating and such pretty tints of color, perfect for a low key makeup look or for giving your LipSense lip color a new look!


These glosses look just incredible on your lips without any other color! The three glosses on the left (Bougainvillea, Rose and Orchid) are part of our standard line. The glosses on the right (Golden Iris, Sweet Pea and Blue Orchid) are the limited edition glosses you can only get in this bundle!


I have one bundle available currently and I’m happy to order more if this is a must have for you! The glosses also come in a super cute little bag. 6 glosses and a zipper bag for $120!

You can e-mail me at or shop on my website to order the Bouquet of Glosses bundle. Also feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!

SeneGence Mother’s Day Bundles

Need a quick gift for Mom? I’ve got you covered! SeneGence has amazing skincare and makeup products that Mom is sure to love. You can order one of these bundles or e-mail me to personalize a bundle specific to your Mom’s needs and loves.

$108 bundle includes eye cream, makeup remover, mascara, gift wrap and shipping.

$83 bundle includes tinted moisturizer, shea body butter, a cute ceramic dish, gift wrap and shipping.

$69 bundle includes 3 lip glosses, an eye lash curler, gift wrap and shipping.

$64 bundle includes a lip gloss, a lip color remover, a lip color of your choice, a beauty blender, a pack of magnetic bookmarks, gift wrap and shipping.

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Why Do I Need a LipSense Starter Collection?

LipSense, a long-lasting, smudge proof, lip color by SeneGence, is a two step system. Our Starter Collection is the best way to get everything you need in one quick purchase.

the collection

LipSense is applied in two-steps. First, you apply three thin layers of color. Second, you seal the color in with a gloss. While you won’t need to apply the color again throughout the day, you will need to reapply the gloss.

With our amazing formula, LipSense lasts all day long. Because LipSense doesn’t come off until you take it off, you’ll need a great remover. Our Ooops Remover is perfect. It gently removes your lip color while also providing moisture to your lips. Plus it’s vanilla scented!

So why a starter collection? Because you truly need all three components to be pleased with LipSense results. You absolutely need a color and gloss, because our color doesn’t work without our gloss to seal it in. Can you survive without Ooops Remover? Yup. But you (and your lips) will be much happier with it!

For $55, you want a Starter Collection.

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