About Justine


I’m Justine. I’m a library director, Disney addict and SeneGence distributor. I was never into makeup much before SeneGence, but now I LOVE getting ready in the morning.

I’m a newlywed (April 30, 2017). I love to read, mostly YA fiction. I love to knit and while I’m working on my second sweater, I’m really sock obsessed. I love playing board games like Settlers of Catan, Marvel Legendary, and Big Book of Madness. I dream of owning a house on a lake.

I also love meeting new people. I especially love it when I get to help them feel beautiful! Whether you’re looking for a new lip color, a new skin care routine or some extra income from selling SeneGence products, I’m happy to help you and cheer you on any way I can. I’m here for YOU!

On my blog you’ll find makeup tips, SeneGence featured products, book reviews and pretty pictures =)

You can shop here, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram, join my makeup community on Facebook or e-mail me at beautybooksandpixiedust@gmail.com

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