All the Reds- Perfect Lip Colors for the Holidays

As we gear up for Holiday season, SeneGence is releasing new product left and right! Some of the most recent releases have  been Limited Edition LipSense shades, mostly reds! And man, oh man are these perfect for the holidays.

There is a red here that will look great on every single skin tone! Whether you’re looking for a true, deep red like Fly Girl, a bright, fire engine red like Blu-Red, something a little more orangy-red like Brick and Currant, an almost true red with a hint of pink like Candy-Cane or that berry red like Crimson, we have the perfect, smudge proof, long lasting lip color for your holiday plans!


I’ve worn a few of these colors so far, and will wear the rest soon because I love trying new lip colors! Here are some shots of the ones I’ve tried so far.

Follow my instagram to keep up with all the colors I wear: @beautybooksandpixiedust

Ready to order one of these beautiful reds? You can e-mail me at or send me a message on my Facebook business page


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