Why Do I Need a LipSense Starter Collection?

LipSense, a long-lasting, smudge proof, lip color by SeneGence, is a two step system. Our Starter Collection is the best way to get everything you need in one quick purchase.

the collection

LipSense is applied in two-steps. First, you apply three thin layers of color. Second, you seal the color in with a gloss. While you won’t need to apply the color again throughout the day, you will need to reapply the gloss.

With our amazing formula, LipSense lasts all day long. Because LipSense doesn’t come off until you take it off, you’ll need a great remover. Our Ooops Remover is perfect. It gently removes your lip color while also providing moisture to your lips. Plus it’s vanilla scented!

So why a starter collection? Because you truly need all three components to be pleased with LipSense results. You absolutely need a color and gloss, because our color doesn’t work without our gloss to seal it in. Can you survive without Ooops Remover? Yup. But you (and your lips) will be much happier with it!

For $55, you want a Starter Collection.

Ready to shop? Shop here!
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Questions? Feel free to email me at beautybooksandpixiedust@gmail.com

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